The Crown #2

Nov 20, 201934 minutes

This is an updated episode of "The Crown". The first attempt had some audio problems. Apologies!

The new season of The Crown has just dropped on Netflix.

It begins in 1964 as England is on the verge of electing British Labour MP Harold Wilson into Downing Street.

The series continues to unpick the enduring marriage of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillip.

The British actress Olivia Colman has taken over as Queen from Claire Foy. Geraldine isn't quite sure about the new Monarch, despite being a big fan of Colman's work. Eliza agrees that Colman doesn't quite nail the reserved Elizabeth like her predecessor, partly due to her natural warmth and expressive face.

The conversation about The Crown segues to the topic of marriage in general. Then it's the train wreck that was the Prince Andrew interview concerning his friendship with Jeffrey Epstein.

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The Crown & Peter Morgan

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