Crisis in Syria

Oct 15, 201934 minutes

It's been a bloody & upsetting week in the Middle East.

Just over a week ago President Trump allowed Turkish President Erdogan to invade north-eastern Turkey, abandoning their protection of the Kurds. Scores of Kurds have been killed, as well as some Turks and as many as one hundred thousand people are displaced.

The Syrian Kurds have now signed a deal with President Assad in Damascus. It marks a historic moment in the Syrian civil war.

Geraldine and Eliza discuss the events of the week and what it means for the future. They also unpick Russia's role in the crisis and the new power bloc in the region.

Also, Geraldine is feeling overwhelmed by her various devices and Eliza is trying to find time in the day for homework.

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Apologies about Eliza's poor audio this week, it seems the microphone wasn't working and sound recorded through her phone.

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