Feeling the Pain

Feb 5, 202026 minutes

Eliza had her wisdom tooth extracted this week. In an attempt to distract from the pain, she asked the dental surgeon for his thoughts on the crisis that's engulfing the Lebanese economy.

“In 1985, the Syrians were shelling us just over there,” he said, pointing out the window. “But at least we had money.”

The local Lebanese currency continues to depreciate against the US dollar. Small businesses are closing every week. Expensive retailers in downtown Beirut are reinforcing their stores with heavy metal doors to stop goods being stolen during protests and riots.

Also on the podcast: Geraldine interviews British polymath Tom Holland.

Eliza begins to despair about Joe Biden as a Presidential candidate.

Salman Rushdie’s brilliant prose.

And the joy of rain during a Sydney summer.

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The Designated Mourner – Fintan O’Toole on Joe Biden https://www.nybooks.com/articles/2020/01/16/joe-biden-designated-mourner/

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