Corona Hits Lebanon

Feb 29, 202031 minutes

The Corona Virus has arrived in Lebanon.

There's been four confirmed cases of the flu from people who have recently returned from Iran.

Schools are closed for a week (or more) and hand sanitizer is selling out.

Eliza is feeling vaguely demoralizaed by the prospect of another big upheaval to normal life. But she's doing her best to combat the panic spreading through the school WhatsApp groups.

Meanwhile, Super Tuesday is around the corner. Eliza wonders why Elizabeth Warren's star has fallen. Is it because she's sharp and people find that challenging in a female leader? Geraldine thinks Warren was targetted by the big tech companies who feared regulation. Whatever the real reason, it looks like Sanders will win the nomination.

Also this week, Geraldine discusses new research about the ABC audience.

And Eliza isn't a fan of fondue.

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