Coronavirus Comes Home

Mar 13, 202042 minutes

The coronavirus crisis appears to be reaching a crescendo in Australia.

Panic is rising and that's leaving Geraldine quite concerned. She's in favour of the British phrase "Keep Calm and Carry On." Geraldine would prefer to exercise her own judgement about the best way to respond to the pandemic, rather than abide by strict quarantine measures dictated by the Government.

Eliza disagrees with Geraldine's attitude. She thinks the scale of the health crisis warrants an extreme approach. Lebanon is basically in "lockdown" with schools, restaurants, parks and shopping malls all closed. Two weeks of homeschooling has been a stretch. But Eliza has resigned herself to the new routine for another two months at least.

Midway through the podcast Eliza breaks the news that the Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton had fallen ill with the virus.

The women also discuss what history can teach us about the best way to manage the crisis.

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