Geraldine's fed up with intermittent fasting

Geraldine's fed up with intermittent fasting

Show notes

Geraldine has been on an intermittent fasting diet for the past three months.

The 'it' diet had been recommended by many friends and dieticians in the media as the easy, hassle free way to lose weight.

However, over summer, she'd had enough.

The biggest problem was that she wasn't losing weight. But new scientific studies have raised questions about the risks and impact on the body of this method of dieting.

Also this episode, do you feel guilty when you board a plane, given the environmental damage from the emissions? Eliza's says no.

And book recommendations after a summer of reading.

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Eliza Harvey

Eliza Harvey

Eliza Harvey is the host of Long Distance Call along with her Mum, Geraldine Doogue.


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Geraldine Doogue

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