The Last LDC...for a while

The Last LDC...for a while

Show notes

This week, a big announcement for the LDC community.

After six years of weekly podcasts, Eliza and Geraldine are going to take a breather ... for a while.

This podcast has been an unexpected joy in the lives of both women. The insights and loyalty of listeners will be treasured forever!

But, life has become busy and Eliza is finding it tricky to make the regular podcast commitments.

From now on, the aim will be to dip in and out of your ears once every quarter or so, and keep the "Best of" series every year.

Until then, keep in touch via the website

Thankyou for listening!!


Eliza Harvey

Eliza Harvey

Eliza Harvey is the host of Long Distance Call along with her Mum, Geraldine Doogue.


Geraldine Doogue

Geraldine Doogue

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