Jun 22, 201840 minutes

Tune in for Eliza's special report from Jakarta.

Is Trump Being Played?

Jun 12, 201820 minutes

Will Kim have the last laugh after the Singapore Summit?

Farewell Season

Jun 7, 201835 minutes

It's time to say goodbye in Expat Land

Next stop: Beirut!

May 30, 201849 minutes

Eliza's expat adventure continues in Beirut

A family who plays together stays together

May 22, 201833 minutes

Do we allow enough time in our busy lives for play?

Indonesia weeps

May 15, 201834 minutes

Terrorism strikes again in Indonesia

Airbnb isn't worth the hassle (version 2)

May 9, 201833 minutes

Want a holiday? Stay in a hotel.

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