Episode 5: Leaving Twitter and embracing compost.

Mar 6, 201838 minutes

Eliza ends the affair with Twitter. Geraldine's up to her armpits in compost.

America -- making friends with Americans -- and survival in ExpatLand.

Feb 27, 201833 minutes

Eliza and Geraldine hope things are changing in America after the school-shooting in Florida. And Eliza commits to never using the term "Trailing Spouse" again.

Geraldine's trip to Tasmania -- podcasting --- the resilience of radio.

Feb 21, 201837 minutes

Geraldine has recently returned from the Bay of Fires walk in Tasmania. Eliza & Geraldine also talk podcasting and the resilience of radio.

Barnaby, Hawkie and other salacious scandals

Feb 14, 201835 minutes

Should Barnaby Joyce lose his job? Would Bob Hawke have been accepted in modern politics?

Has #MeToo helped women?

Feb 8, 201832 minutes

We talk #MeToo, The Post movie & women's leadership and Le Carre's new novel.

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