Airbnb isn't worth the hassle (version 2)

May 9, 201833 minutes

Want a holiday? Stay in a hotel.

Activewear is cruelty to women

May 2, 201833 minutes

The lycra clothing that's cruelty to women

Little Aussie Dreamers

Apr 24, 201828 minutes

On the eve of Anzac Day we celebrate being a nation of dreamers.

Episode 11: Bali bliss

Apr 18, 201832 minutes

Eliza has just returned from a blissful break in Bali.

Episode 10: Opinion in the age of outrage

Apr 10, 201831 minutes

Opinion in the age of outrage

Episode 9: Durian daze

Apr 3, 201840 minutes

Holidays in Jakarta are always trickier than you expect.

Episode 8: What's wrong with losing?

Mar 27, 201836 minutes

Eliza and Geraldine talk about the crisis engulfing Australian cricket.

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