Hitting The Streets With Hezbollah

Sep 10, 201942 minutes

Eliza has an unforgettable day in Beirut

War Games

Sep 3, 201933 minutes

Truth becomes a casualty in the tit-for-tat battle between Hezbollah and Israel

Drone Strikes

Aug 27, 201926 minutes

Tensions rise in the Middle East

Court Update

Aug 20, 20194 minutes

Geraldine's Date in Court

Aug 18, 201935 minutes

On the cusp of losing her driver's licence, Geraldine is going to court to plea for leniency

The Decline of America

Aug 6, 201939 minutes

It's a politics-heavy pod this week

Three Women & Chernobyl

Jul 26, 201928 minutes

Geraldine and Eliza talk books and TV this week

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