The Decline of America

Aug 6, 201939 minutes

It's a politics-heavy pod this week

Three Women & Chernobyl

Jul 26, 201928 minutes

Geraldine and Eliza talk books and TV this week

After the Holiday

Jul 17, 201928 minutes

Coming back down to earth after a blissful break

Eliza & Geraldine Hit The Road

Jul 4, 201938 minutes

Geraldine's back in Lebanon for a hit of ancient history in Byblos

From Russia With Love

Jun 15, 201930 minutes

Russia is awe-inspiring

Police Raids Aim To Intimidate Press

Jun 6, 201932 minutes

If you're not worried about the police raids on the media, you should be

Chasing New Friends in Beirut

Jun 1, 201933 minutes

Eliza is in the aggressive growth phase of friendship making in her new city

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