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Nov 14, 201932 minutes

The impeachment hearings against President Trump have begun in Washington.

Geraldine appeared on the ABC's Drum program on Thursday alongside Australia's former Foreign Minister Alexander Downer. Mr Downer - who played a small but important role in the scandal surrounding Mr Trump - believes the Republican party will stand by their embattled President even if they don't like him.

Eliza thinks the surging US economy will make people inclined to vote for the incumbent.

The conversation then shifted to Australia's opposition leader Anthony Albanese, podcasting and the deteriorating situation in Lebanon.

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Alexander Downer and George Papadopoulos


Nikki Haley on the impeachment process https://www.cbsnews.com/video/nikki-haley-says-she-doesnt-think-trump-will-be-impeached/

The NYT Daily podcast on polling in America https://www.nytimes.com/2019/11/05/podcasts/the-daily/whos-ahead-2020.html

Lech Blaine in the Monthly https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2019/november/1572526800/lech-blaine/how-good-queensland

James Button on Anthony Albanese https://www.themonthly.com.au/issue/2019/november/1572526800/james-button/picking-pieces

7AM podcast https://7ampodcast.com.au

The latest from Lebanon https://www.abc.net.au/radio/programs/am/lebanese-pres-love-it-or-leave-it-comments-refresh-protests/11703114

On Edge

Nov 5, 201926 minutes

How long can the Lebanese protest movement hold on?

October Revolution

Oct 25, 201912 minutes

Eliza speaks to protesters in Beirut

What's Next for Lebanon?

Oct 22, 201939 minutes

Will the protest movement lead to regime change?

Lebanon Protests

Oct 20, 20199 minutes

Crisis in Syria

Oct 15, 201934 minutes

Mayhem reigns in Syria as President Trump allows Turkey to invade & attack the Kurds

Slow the Frantic Pace

Oct 7, 201932 minutes

Reading fiction can help us jump off the hamster wheel

Johnson & Trump on the ropes

Sep 27, 201920 minutes

BOOKCLUB: Live a Little by Howard Jacobson

Sep 17, 201924 minutes

Join us for the first episode of Long Distance Bookclub

Letter from America

Sep 17, 201931 minutes

Geraldine muses about America's past and present while on holiday in New York City

Hitting The Streets With Hezbollah

Sep 10, 201942 minutes

Eliza has an unforgettable day in Beirut

War Games

Sep 3, 201933 minutes

Truth becomes a casualty in the tit-for-tat battle between Hezbollah and Israel

Drone Strikes

Aug 27, 201926 minutes

Tensions rise in the Middle East

Court Update

Aug 20, 20194 minutes

Geraldine's Date in Court

Aug 18, 201935 minutes

On the cusp of losing her driver's licence, Geraldine is going to court to plea for leniency

The Decline of America

Aug 6, 201939 minutes

It's a politics-heavy pod this week

Three Women & Chernobyl

Jul 26, 201928 minutes

Geraldine and Eliza talk books and TV this week

After the Holiday

Jul 17, 201928 minutes

Coming back down to earth after a blissful break

Eliza & Geraldine Hit The Road

Jul 4, 201938 minutes

Geraldine's back in Lebanon for a hit of ancient history in Byblos

From Russia With Love

Jun 15, 201930 minutes

Russia is awe-inspiring

Chasing New Friends in Beirut

Jun 1, 201933 minutes

Eliza is in the aggressive growth phase of friendship making in her new city

Theresa May Had To Go

May 26, 201934 minutes

Britain is in a mess

Remembering Bob Hawke

May 16, 201962 minutes

Memories of a great Australian leader

Falling In Love With Beirut

May 15, 201939 minutes

Beirut is at its charming best in Spring

Meeting Remarkable Women

May 9, 201936 minutes

Geraldine meets two of Australia's most impressive women in one weekend

Writers Festivals

May 3, 201928 minutes

Australian literature is having its day in the sun

The Dreary Election Campaign

Apr 25, 201951 minutes

Our political leaders have forgotten the rhetoric

Are We Eating Too Much?

Apr 20, 201946 minutes

Intermittent fasting is the new trend in Australia

Australians Have More Fun

Apr 9, 201946 minutes

Forget the bad press, Australia is still the standout place to live

Election Season

Apr 2, 201932 minutes

Community in the Wake of Crisis

Mar 27, 201943 minutes

Australia must look at itself in the aftermath of the Christchurch massacre

Looking Back at ISIS

Mar 20, 201935 minutes

Was it a 'state' after all?

Back in Beirut (via Rome)

Mar 11, 201936 minutes

The women shift their Roman Holiday to the Middle East

Geraldine Challenges Her Prejudice

Feb 19, 201936 minutes

Heroes of Journalism

Feb 12, 201941 minutes

Who inspires you?

News Junkies

Feb 8, 201933 minutes

The news cycle has been in overdrive this week

Childhood Has Changed

Jan 31, 201935 minutes

OK, so now what?

The Kondo Craze & Sex In Books

Jan 25, 201938 minutes

Eliza Whinges About Beirut

Jan 16, 201936 minutes

The Honeymoon Phase is over

Best of 2018

Dec 18, 201870 minutes

It's been a big one

The Lead-Up To Christmas

Dec 6, 201840 minutes

Sydney is awash with pre-Christmas joy

Chit-Chat & Serious Stuff

Nov 28, 201846 minutes

The news of the week & Ferrante Fever

Geraldine Joins The Journalism Hall of Fame

Nov 20, 201846 minutes

She's kind of a big deal, you know?

Geraldine packs up in Sydney, Eliza unpacks in Beirut

Nov 11, 201838 minutes

More change for Geraldine and Eliza

Geraldine Visits Beirut

Oct 28, 201840 minutes

It's Geraldine's first visit to the heart of the Levant

Are Women Getting Angrier?

Oct 17, 201833 minutes

Discussing the publishing phenomenon that is Liane Moriarty

The Opera House Is Not A Billboard

Oct 9, 201836 minutes

Advertising doesn't belong on the sails of the modern architectural wonder

Geraldine Sells Her Home

Oct 3, 201838 minutes

It's time to say goodbye to the family home


Sep 25, 201833 minutes

It's been a turbulent week in Australian media

Life Is All About Changing Your Mind

Sep 20, 201841 minutes

If circumstances change, so should you.

Are women ready to crack eggs?

Sep 11, 201840 minutes

Sometimes women must be willing to break the rules in order to succeed at work.

First Impressions

Sep 4, 201834 minutes

Eliza's first impressions of Beirut after one month in the Middle East

Season 2: Countdown to Beirut

Aug 8, 201837 minutes

Eliza and her family are about to leave for the next adventure in Beirut.


Jul 3, 201831 minutes

Life is changing for Eliza and Geraldine

Is Trump Being Played?

Jun 12, 201820 minutes

Will Kim have the last laugh after the Singapore Summit?

Farewell Season

Jun 7, 201835 minutes

It's time to say goodbye in Expat Land

Next stop: Beirut!

May 30, 201849 minutes

Eliza's expat adventure continues in Beirut

A family who plays together stays together

May 22, 201833 minutes

Do we allow enough time in our busy lives for play?

Indonesia weeps

May 15, 201834 minutes

Terrorism strikes again in Indonesia

Airbnb isn't worth the hassle (version 2)

May 9, 201833 minutes

Want a holiday? Stay in a hotel.

Activewear is cruelty to women

May 2, 201833 minutes

The lycra clothing that's cruelty to women

Little Aussie Dreamers

Apr 24, 201828 minutes

On the eve of Anzac Day we celebrate being a nation of dreamers.

Episode 11: Bali bliss

Apr 18, 201832 minutes

Eliza has just returned from a blissful break in Bali.

Episode 10: Opinion in the age of outrage

Apr 10, 201831 minutes

Opinion in the age of outrage

Episode 9: Durian daze

Apr 3, 201840 minutes

Holidays in Jakarta are always trickier than you expect.

Episode 8: What's wrong with losing?

Mar 27, 201836 minutes

Eliza and Geraldine talk about the crisis engulfing Australian cricket.

Episode 7: An Indonesian tragedy

Mar 20, 201833 minutes

Finding strength through trauma and the sad history of Eliza's Jakarta home

Episode 6: Being a "Good Enough Mother" & not-so-good yogi.

Mar 13, 201839 minutes

Geraldine loves yoga but Eliza finds it dull and would rather go for a run. And Geraldine tells her daughter that it's ok to be a "Good Enough" mother.

Episode 5: Leaving Twitter and embracing compost.

Mar 6, 201838 minutes

Eliza ends the affair with Twitter. Geraldine's up to her armpits in compost.

Geraldine's trip to Tasmania -- podcasting --- the resilience of radio.

Feb 21, 201837 minutes

Geraldine has recently returned from the Bay of Fires walk in Tasmania. Eliza & Geraldine also talk podcasting and the resilience of radio.

Barnaby, Hawkie and other salacious scandals

Feb 14, 201835 minutes

Should Barnaby Joyce lose his job? Would Bob Hawke have been accepted in modern politics?

Has #MeToo helped women?

Feb 8, 201832 minutes

We talk #MeToo, The Post movie & women's leadership and Le Carre's new novel.

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